Marketing Solution


Software for continuously verifying data consistency between BRS (DR) system and main system when constructing disaster recovery system, it will provide the most reliable alternative that can be taken by System Administrator or DBA to guarantee data quality and integrity of DR (BRS) system. Since consistency work is performed in the backup system, it is a solution to maintain data consistency of online work system while minimizing work impact of the main center system.

Comparative Technology and Measures
Comparison of the contents of the same or similar SQL table
Row-by-Row, Column-by-Column Comparison
Specifying comparison range
Action for each discrepancy data found
Consistency Report (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)
Application scope
Consistency tool for BRS or DR system
Data Migration (Rental Use)
Data consistency and recovery
Referential Intergrity


Repair mechanism
Repair Mechanism is a matching operation for differences and is automatically executed by SQL-Computer by user's command. All data compared by CS-SQL-Compare provides six data repair mechanisms to maintain consistency.
Online channel information collection, integrated analysis
Offer offline channel offer, information collection/integrated analysis
Provide marketing insights through on/offline linkage
Thematic analysis and modeling to provide insights
Marketing Insights, Business Automation and Scheduling for Campaigns
Iteration technology
One of the biggest issues of data integrity operation is the online comparison and verification of data changes during online operations, and CS-SQL-Compare is performed using iteration technique.
Iteration Technique is a written comparison of mismatched data in consideration of on-the-fly data.
Actually in a normal Online system, when comparing the data regardless of On-the-fly, the cases that it is confirmed as data discordnace(use general program) are so common therfore, it is almost impossible for users to set a standard of judgment.